Kung Fu Classes

Monday @ St Patricks Gateway, Ballybricken, Waterford City
6.20 - 7.20 adult & children (8+): foundation practice
7.30 - 8.30 adult class: ease practice, flow, relaxation, internal power


Wednesday @ The Parish Centre, Ferrybank, Belmont Road, Waterford
6.30 - 7.30 adult & children (8+): foundation practice
7.30 - 8.30 adult class: intensive practice: power, agility, speed.


Adults 1hr class €10 | 10 class pass adult €75

Adults 2hr class €15

Children €5 | 10 class pass children €45
Personal training, healing/well-being treatments available. €35-€50


Kung Fu Practice

Every class begins and finishes with a warm up moving all the joints in the body, ensuring energy flow is active.

'the hinge that moves every day never goes rusty'

Foundation Class (8+)...

focus is on an 8 week cycle of core concepts that underpin a well founded practice. Grounding, centreing, power, feeling, expressing, mindfulness, unity.

Ideal for Children (8+) and parents to share a practice together; beginners; anybody interested in improving the basics.

Internal Yin Ease Class...

focus on principles, concepts and understandings and applying them to your practice. Ideal for training sensitivity, breathing, relaxation, meditation, qi power, and ease. Minimal contact 'tag sticking'.

Yang Practice Class

focus on power, speed, agility, form, technique, structure and alignment. Intensive activity and practice. Ideal for people wanting a workout. Controlled sparring and sticking (without gloves) regularly trained in this class.


gongfu system

gongfu is a modern 'pinyin' spelling of kung fu.


The system of kung fu practice is called 'Teh Ji Han Jeung Dao'.

There are 8 grades to this system.

There is an annual grading. This for guidance only, belts and sashes are not worn. The emphasis is on developing a regular personal practice.

It is a blend of traditional and modern kung fu.

Centre Line attack and defence.